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Ultimate Exo x6-b MIL












This is the military specs version of our Exo x6-b.

This is a turnkey drone that is specialized in video making, surveillance and remote handling.

It is built around a 100% in-house CAD designed and CNC produced carbon fiber/ high temperature Basalt fiber chassis. It incorporates lots of MIL specs components to make the platform very versatile and reliable.



The video camera or robot arms are mounted on gyro stabilized carbon fiber gimbals. This makes the platform very stable for precision shooting and objects handling. The camera and arms are driven by virtual reality googles with OSD feedback of the platform flight parameters.



The motors have been carefully chosen for high payload, optimized endurance and maneuverability. We chose the MN 4014-11 for its quality and durability in harsh conditions. We were so impressed by this motor that we took a USA dealership with T-Motors.

The propellers are custom CAD designed for our application and molded in house from carbon fiber.


For more details about the powerplant design and sizing, please refer to our white paper.



It's navigation system uses the latest design in autopilot and is inertial and GPS guided.



The vehicle can be programmed to follow flight plans with an unlimited number of waypoint and can hover on a fixed ground position.



the x6-b model is designed to carry a compact professional camera like the Red units, FLIR sensors or robot arms.


The UAV is delivered with a fully programmed autopilot system, ready to accept missions as well as a dedicated professional grade Weatronic 10 channel receiver with full datalink capability. We will be soon selling the new line of Weatronic transmitters to control the vehicle.


Motors: 6 T-Motors 40 mm outrunner brushless

Custom moulded lightweight carbon fiber propellers

Full high modulus carbon fiber chassis, with temperature sensitive/ EMI sensitive parts made of our custom produced Basalt fiber laminates.

Battery system: 5s4p LiPo 48Ah MIL spec

Available thrust: 12 kgs

Weight including gimbals and camera: 5 kgs

Total payload available: 3 kgs

Max span: 145 cm between propeller tips

Endurance: 40 min of hovering time, 22 min maneuvering.

Autopilot and navigation: 3d Robotics with unlimited number of waypoints

Telemetry module with google OSD

7 channel min remote control required

Gyro stabilized camera gimbals system

Video google system: Fatshark

Full MIL spec loom with PTFE pure silver cables, Nomex sleeving and custom LiPo pack on the MIL version.






Sold out.


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