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Pisco "Hiflow" series push-to-connect micro ball valve with fitting

Pisco is a Japanese company specialized in laboratory supply.

They are manufacturing to the highest industrial standards and are considered as the "Rolls" on the fittings, gauge and regulators market.

As such they have an unmatched experience of the product and the quality and durability of their fittings far oupasses any other product on the market, including German brands.









These fittings are made of a high impact strength carbon fiber reinforced composite body and high grade stainless steel and are highly recommended to match our fantastic line of 1/8", 4 mm and 6 mm high flow pneumatic tubes and rigid wall ester-based PU fuel lines.

The body material offers the highest resistance to kerosene or diesel fuels of all the fittings available on the market.

They can be used indifferently for your pneumatic systems or fuel systems.

They provide the required high flow and are certified to 290 PSI for a temperature range of -4 to + 175 F. This is an industrial grade product that conforms to ISO 14743.



 The micro ball valves are available with push-to-connect fittings in 4 and 6 mm.




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