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Permagrit hand tools














These are the ultimate hand tools for shaping balsa and foam blocks as well as laminates.

These individual tools are available as flat, round and angle files to cover most tasks that involve sanding and shaping. Every tools in this range can be ordered as coarse grit for rapid removal of materials or fine grit for smoother finish. Extremely strong, robust and simple to use. The body of the tool is made of durable steel, coated with a carbide compound.

The carbide surface is almost indestructible as long as you don't try to sand steel, alloy, glass or stone with it! It can be dry cleaned with a bronze brush when getting dirty.

Different shapes are available:


Flat square file, 230mm x 38mm. Thickness 1.6mm.
Use to clean up slots in difficult to reach places, to sand flat ridges.

 70 degree overall size 230mm x 24mm. Thickness 1.5mm.

Designed to shape perfect 90 degree angle, either sharp or radius. Used by modelers to cut out RC servo trays.


 Internal radius, 32 mm. Overall size 230mm x 29mm. Thickness 1.5mm.

 Use to radius sharp corners or shape leading edges and wing tips.




External radius, 32 mm. Overall size 230mm x 24mm. Thickness 1.5mm.

Use to shape arches and curves or enlarge holes.


 18 mm round. Overall size 215mm x 18mm. Tube 1.5mm thick.

 Tube file perfect for fillets, grooves and concave curves.



12 mm round. Overall length 215mm x 12mm. 

 Tube file for sanding and shaping fillets, grooves and concave curves



6 mm round. Overall size 215mm x 6mm. Grit length 110mm

Rod file for sanding and shaping fillets, grooves and concave curves. Fitted with new soft grip handle



6 mm square. Overall size 215mm x 6mm. Grit length 115mm

Square file used to fabricate mini servo holders and sharper 90 degrees slots than the angle hand tool. Fitted with new soft grip handle




17 mm half round. Overall size 240mm x 17mm. Thickness 6mm. Gritted length 130mm.

 General file with new soft-grip handle.




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