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This is the famous range of ex Firgelli linear actuator in micro and mini size.

These actuators are specifically adapted to be used from a standard receiver ( 5 v DC minimum supply voltage ).

They feature a good positioning repeatability ( from 0.1 to 0.5 mm ), are current protected and include limit switches.

They can be programmed from your transmitter to move to any position between 1.0 ms and 2.0 ms control signal ( white/ yellow wire signal ). As such, they are fully proprtional devices.

The L12 is available in 30, 50 and 100 mm stroke.

The L16 is available in 50, 100 and 140 mm stroke and is slightly wider at the motor.

We have selected the most useful combination of stroke vs force for the jet hobby and carry the following in stock.

L12-R 30/ 100:1 travels to full stroke in 2.0 seconds empty and has a force of 31 N/ 7 lbs. Closed length: 82 mm extended, length: 112 mm.

L12-R 50/ 50:1 travels to full stroke in 2.0 seconds empty and has a force of 17 N/ 4 lbs. Closed length: 102 mm extended, length: 152 mm.

 L12-R 100/ 50:1 travels to full stroke in 4.0 seconds empty and has a force of 17 N/ 4 lbs. Closed length: 152 mm extended, length: 252 mm.

 L16-R 50/ 150:1 travels to full stroke in 6.0 seconds empty and has a force of 175 N/ 39 lbs. Closed length: 118 mm extended, length: 168 mm.

 L16-R 100/ 63:1 travels to full stroke in 5.0 seconds empty and has a force of 75 N/ 17 lbs. Closed length: 168 mm extended, length: 268 mm.

 L16-R 140/ 35:1 travels to full stroke in 4.5 seconds empty and has a force of 50 N/ 11 lbs. Closed length: 208 mm extended, length: 348 mm.


However, other combinations can be ordered on request as seen below:



Max static load: 200 N for the L12 series and 250 N for the L16 series.

Max 7.4 V DC.



LR-12 series datasheet.

LR-16 series datasheet.


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