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Intamsys Funmat Pro HT












This is the latest large footprint high temperature 3D printer from Intamsys.

This cartesian printer is the fastest, smoothest and most precise of its segment.

It features professional characteristics for an unmatched price, including PEEK/ ULTEM printing capability.




The most significant improvements over the previous generation printers are:


  • A closed and insulated printing chamber that enables to build large volumes without layer delamination or excessive warping at up to 120 degrees.
  • A fully automated auto leveling system with integrated head cleaning routine.
  • Dual nozzle/ dual spool capacity, direct drive extruders.
  • A core x/y push-pull system that ensures no back lash in these two axis, an ultra smooth and ultra fast printing capabilities.
  • A new automated filament extruder called EZ feed.
  • A new layout of the proven full metal head compatible with 0.20 to 1.20 mm nozzles.
  • A full metal, dual heated and regulated enclosure that provides un-matched rigidity and ambient temperature control.
  • A new super rigid ceramic build plate, ensuring super high Z accuracy.
  • A large build chamber of 18' by 18" by 23" ( 45 cm by 45 cm by 60 cm ).
  • The ability to print over 30 different materials thanks to the large compatibility feed system and high nozzle temperature ( up to 450 c ) and ultra high temp build plate ( up to 160 c ).
  • Ultra large LCD touch screen control compatible with gloves-on operations.
  • Fast build plate removal procedure for fast tunraround operations/ high feed production.
  • Enclosed spool compartment with desicator.
  • Jam and filament absence pausing system.
  • Power failure auto resume.



The fully enclosed and insulated printing chamber allows to print at temperatures of 90 c thanks to its dual ceramic heaters system. Large PEEK/ ULTEM parts can be built without the common inter-layer delamination problems.



The fully automated bed levelling system will save you a considerable amount of time prior to initiating or printing job and will ensure quality and consistency of your print. This is associated with a brass brush and automatic head cleaning routine to provide conductivity to the calibration plate.



The Core X/Y push-pull system is operated by 2 steper motors for the X axis and two motors for the Y axis. This proprietary motion system ensures a perfect repeatability in the print accuracy and very fast and smooth printing capabilities.


Full metal/ high temperature direct drive extruder situated just above the nozzle.



The industry leading full metal high temp hot end has been integrated into the printer ecosystem and still offers the unmatched 450 c fusing temperature and super strong build that enables the widest range of extruding material on the market, including carbon fiber reinforced PEEK/ ULTEM and other FAR 25.853 certified materials.


 Build volume: 45 cm x 45 cm x 60 cm

Printer dimensions: 90 cm x 70 cm x 140 cm

Weight: 120 kgs



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