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The EMCOTEC DPSI BIC V2 is a fantastic battery backer.

It feature high current input plugs, an LCD screen and easy push button operations.

It is 100% made in Germany to the highest level of quality.


The BIC battery backer has world unique features that you will love.

A large LCD screen that display lots of useful informations.

A power-on test feature that tests the level of the batteries connected.

Compatible with LiFePo4/ A123 2 cells packs.

Compatible with Lipo/ LiIon  2 cells packs

Compatible with NiCd/ NiMh 5 and 6 cells packs

As a unique feature, the device monitors the current consumed and displays the used total capacity. This is a fantastic tool to measure very reliably the amount of capacity left out of your A123/ LiFePo4 packs. The discharge curve of these pack being very flat, using the actual voltage of the pack is not a reliable method as it used to be for LiIon, LiPo, NiCd and NiMh packs.

The actual current consumption is displayed, enabling electrical system tests very easily.

Other parameters like min/ max voltage, max/ average current, output voltage are also displayed.

The unit can boost up to 20 A peak current and 4 A continuous current, making it suitable for small to medium sport jets with up to 10 digital servos/ consumers.

The back of the unit features a large heat exchanger and three MPX sockets: two unputs and one output. The output socket can be wired to two receiver high current plugs for a good current capacity to take advantage of the Kirchhoff's law and allow 10 A peak current for each receiver input plug.

The unit can be made on request to a 7,4 V output for high intensity servos. 

Sold out.


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